4 things you should never buy on Amazon

With a single click, you can order almost anything you need or want through Amazon and get it delivered straight to your house. But that doesn't always mean you're getting the best prices.

CNBC Make It spoke with shopping experts about the best and worst things to buy on Amazon, as well as how to make sure you find the lowest prices possible.

Here are four items you're generally better off buying elsewhere.

Smart devices from competitors
Amazon is hands-down the best place to score deals on the site's own hardware, like the Echo Dot for example, but the opposite is true if you're in the market for a Google device or an Apple product.

"Amazon sells a couple of Google devices, but they usually go at list price," Tom's Guide deals editor Louis Ramirez tells CNBC Make It. "If you want the Google Home Mini, or any of the Google smart home devices, your best bet is to go to Walmart."

Makeup and beauty products
While Amazon does sell beauty products, it doesn't offer the variety that other retailers do. Additionally, you can end up with subpar products, Sara Skirboll, shopping expert at RetailMeNot, warns. "I see a lot of secondhand items," she tells CNBC Make It. "It gets a little more complicated when you buy particular beauty items from Amazon."

She recommends sticking to beauty giants, such as Sephora or Ulta, instead.

Pet food
Although Amazon has recently upped its game in the grocery space, you can still find better deals on pet food at specialty retailers. "The best site for pet deals in general is a site called Chewy," Ramirez recommends.

Equipment for a niche hobby
Stores that target a niche hobby or type of product, such as photography, knitting or pets, can often offer better deals on specialty items than a generalist like Amazon.

For example, Ramirez suggests a site called B&H Photo and Video for cameras and photography equipment. Because it only focuses on cameras and photography, it tends to have more competitive prices for those specific types of gear, he explains.

"Amazon's great for deals. Walmart's great for deals. Best Buy's great for deals. But none of them are the best store for deals."
-Louis Ramirez, Deals editor, Tom's Guide

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